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Senior Economist Re-Joins CCS

Ms Ng Ee Kia re-joins CCS as Senior Director of the Policy and Markets Division on 2 April 2014.

CCS Issues Proposed Infringement Decision Against 11 Air Freight Forwarders

CCS has issued a PID against 11 freight forwarding companies and their Singapore subsidaries/ affiliates. CCS provisionally finds that the Parties have infringed section 34 of the Competition Act.

CCS Mid-Term Scholarship 2014 is now open for application

If you have the initiative, the drive and the passion for competition issues, and you share CCS’s vision to champion competition for growth and choice, take the first step by applying for the CCS Mid-Term Scholarship.

CCS Releases Report on Findings From Aviation Market Study

CCS has recently concluded a market study on the aviation industry in Singapore where the findings showed that a net economic benefit did materialise from the formation of Joint Ventures.


CCS internship positions and CCS mid-term scholarship are now open for application!

CCS Resources

e-learning moduleIn this one-stop interactive learning tool developed by CCS, get a clear overview of the Do’s and Don’ts for businesses and also be introduced to ways in which you can develop a competition compliance strategy.

Can Buyer Power be used as a Defence?Explore in this paper if the concept of buyer power can be used as a "defence" by undertakings on the opposite end of buyer power to avoid the finding of an infringement decision under the Singapore Competition Act.

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Event calendarMonthly view of what's happening at CCS

02 Apr 2014Senior Economist Re-Joins CCS

01 Apr 2014SMU Industrial Organisation Lecture

CCS Broadcast

Video: Alan is being asked by his boss to set up a meeting with the other industry players to engage in price-fixing activities. What should he do and who can he report to?


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